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World Market Analysis

We operate a systematic collection, storage and analysis of data relating to the research related to sport marketing of goods and / or services that our customers provide.

Communication plans

Essential tools for planning and management of communications toachieve specific strategic objectives andcustomer communication.

Business development

We study a variety of techniques designedto grow your businesswe evaluate it andrealize it‘s full potential. In the growing business, the business development is acontinuous process.

Marketing for Tennis

We will explain the importance of marketing and promotion activities in tennis, presenting the results of a professional market research in tennis and introducing ideas which could help tennis grow both nationally and internationally.

Marketing for Soccer

The soccer marketing and promotion activity is a source of income with huge potential, an activity that has to interpret and focus the customs and tastes of fans and translate its to better capitalize.

Marketing for Motor Racing

Associating with the characteristics of a sporting team, event or well-known athlete, sports sponsorship seeks to increase brand loyalty, create awareness, change or reinforce their image, drive retail or dealer traffic and stimulate sales, engagements and promotions.